Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Father's Day portrait of her dad and her house

Last night, my daughter surprised me with an early Father's Day card. On the front was a portrait of her dad, and on the inside a picture of what seems to be a happy home.

Of course, I was deliriously happy and smothered her with loving kisses. As a child of a home that was not happy nor always safe, it means the world to me that my daughter feels safe and happy in her house.

The house is emblazoned with declarations of love, emphasized with exclamation points. A few flowers poke up placidly from the grass.

Needless to say, my Father's Day is guaranteed to be a very happy one. In fact, it was already off to a good early start. As I said here yesterday, my friend Tom McDermott has released his new record that includes "Leyla's Lullaby," a piece he composed in honor of my daughter's birth.

Pictures, songs: These are the forms of wealth and connection that have always mattered to me. I am a wealthy man and a proud, happy father.

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