Thursday, June 11, 2009

Selected juju boxes of Dak Maverick of Athens, Georgia

Here are more images I took on Saturday of work by my buddy George Davidson, aka Dak Maverick, of Athens, Georgia. Click on any image to get a bigger and better view.

These first two images are side panels of one of his boxes, which I call juju boxes. Often but not always, George adorns the exterior of his juju boxes with the same iconic imagery he has been carving into blocks and printing for decades: blues, serpents, violence, chance, masks.

This is the box with those two side panels. Love the knob hockey wing player transformed with the African mask!

He often illuminates his boxes with colored slides, to eerie effect.

Healthy portion of goofball humor in George's game, which fits the sacred clown paradigm that rules much of his outlook on art and life. He and I share the black cat as totemic figure as well.

Note piano keys as frame motif. Everything George does is dominated by music. He is a record collector and gifted saxophone player and composer/improviser.

Just like him to stick a gauge - an image of science and the urge to quantify nature - on a stump of salvaged wood then make it into the basis for a juju mask.

While we were hanging out, he was riffing like hell on the image on the panel he stuck onto this box: of a pirate ship on the verge of the void. I take it as a comment on our civilization at the moment.

Here a jazzman is joined by the ever-present dice (chance, luck, cosmic uncertainty) and reeds from one of George's own musical instruments.

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Torchandtonic said...

I really dig some of these boxes!