Friday, October 24, 2008

Enjoy L.A., Jason; we'll always have the maggots

Jason Wallace Triefenbach writes from Los Angeles, his new home:


Home is an approx, 500 sq ft apt with one combo living/ dining/ bed room, an ample bathroom, a big closet/ greenroom, and a small kithcen. My work studio is behind the refrigerator. I'm working on some paintings right now and a possible performance in november.

L.A. is so fucking fun I can't believe it. Highlights so far:

* The Hungry Cat restaurant
* Killdozer at the Echo and meeting David Yow (of Jesus Lizard fame), who was in the audience to see the show.
* Antony with the LA Philharmonic
* The Old Zoo in Griffith Park, which is comprised of a series of surreal metal and concrete cages they used to box the animals in before it was deemed inhumane and such.
* Two visits to Venice Beach. There is where My People be, My People.
* The fact that roughly 1/2 the populace own at least one chihuahadog. I want to do a piece where I fill a room with the little rats, and then start shooting.

Come see us! The drive out here was insanely easy. We did it in a leisurely two and a half days, but it could easily be a whiteknuckler in no time. Just take Interstate 40 through the desert and reservations and we'll meet you for some Korean BBQ.

We love and miss y'all.Gotta go now to see a Doors tribute band called Peace Frog.

Jason a la Julie


The last time I saw Jason in town - I had no idea it would be the last time I was seeing him in town - he leaned out of some huge vehicle being driven by Jenna Bauer and said he had dreamt of The New Monastic Workshop I organized with John Eiler. In the dream he had accepted the invitation to be a monk and we were going down some stormy river when we went ashore and came across some carcass swarming with maggots.

Enjoy L.A., Jason; we'll always have the dream of the maggots.

I got way better pictures of this guy somewhere from the Blind Cat Black still shoots, but this thing from his MySpace page was easier to find in a hurry.


Dana Smith said...

Good Luck Jason –

Kelsey Brookes has a show opening at New Image next Sat, perhaps he’ll be able to catch it.
New Image Art
7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 654-2192

Confluence City said...

I'll email this to him ...