Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fred Friction says he wants to go to jail

Look what the electronic cat drug in overnight.

I called Fred Friction during his show on KDHX this morning and asked if this thing he sent me is the cover art for his upcoming solo record.

I was all pumped up to write about Fred's songs. I know a thing or two about them.

Many of the songs he sings today were first presented to my first band Enormous Richard in 1988 or so, with the offer that we could help Fred finish them. There is a good story about why we didn't do that.

Fortunately for us all, Fred finished them, or Mark Stephens finished them for him - both better outcomes, I think, than if we had done so.

But Fred said this is not the album cover. Indeed, when I saved it down, now, to post it up, here, I saw the file is saved as "T-shirt" design. So we may be seeing this stretched, soon, across the spindly chest of Fred.

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Lives in Washington DC said...

I only wanna go to JAIL if Fred's gonna be there.