Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More particulars on my first, ahem, art show

The person who invited me to my first-ever group show* as an artist turns out to be someone named Kim Richardson, previously only known to me as hard kiss in c minor.

She send more details about the show today:

As Above, So Below
a group exhibition


Friday October 24th, 2008
7 - 10 p.m.

2101 Locust
St. Louis, MO

(NW corner of Locust and 21st
across from The Taproom)

Kim Richardson . Carl Keck . Molly Davis
Jenni De Suza . Amy VanDonsel . Travis Lawrence
Mike Paradise . Chris King . Dana Smith
Josh Norman . Christopher Gustave

The illustration is the sort of thing of mine she said she likes. Its informal title (i.e., how I uploaded it to MySpaz) is "Tap Room kitchen man marvels at Sam Coffee's real estate transactions," Sept 2008.

* I am not counting one Thomas Crone asked me to do. I have known Thomas Crone too long for it to count as his having "curated" me.

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Torchandtonic said...

Kim is a wonderful artist in the Surrealist vein. Her work reminds me of Leonor Fini. Best of luck with the show.......