Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stefene Russell as cross-eyed Swankhumma

The trailer for the new Trent Harris movie, Delightful Water Universe, is now up on YouTube.

I care about this film, primarily, because it features my dear friend Stefene Russell, the poet, journalist, Tarot reader, artist, editor, luminous human spirit, and actor.

Stefene previously starred (along with Karen Black) in Trent Harris' Plan 10 from Outer Space, which borrowed heavily from the Mormon cosmogeny that permeates his native Salt Lake City. (It also took up the "Secret of the Bees" on film long before the current Queen Latifah vehicle.)

Plan 10 had quite a life on the indie film circuit, and Stefene - billed as "the sexy" Stefene Russell in that film - probably could have parlayed it into some sort of a film career, if she had a stomach for that sort of thing, which she doesn't.

Her role in Delightful Water Universe is not likely to attract the sexy goddess worshippers who beset Stefene after her first foray into Trent Harris' peculiar imaginative universe. Her character is named Swankhumma and appears to be cross-eyed, two certain erotic buzzkills.

More on the film from publicity materials:


Can art be a force for political change? Are Americans the ones destroying America? Is Bigfoot controlling our prime time television? These are just a few of the questions posed in Trent Harris’ latest and fourth feature film, Delightful Water Universe. The film takes place in the near future. Nincompoops are in charge, free thinkers are locked up and America’s last hope rests with an alcoholic journalist named Vicious and a revolutionary madman who goes by the code name, Bigfoot.
This movie was years in the making; mostly because it was shot on weekends with a next to nothing budget. Actors worked for pennies and the crew worked for peanuts. Harris wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited, and even composed the music. This film is truly a labor of love.
The stars of Harris’ new film are: Radio From Hell, D.J., Bill Allred, poet and star of the screen but not the stage, Stefene Russell, musician and reckless racecar driver, Dan Morley, and world class modern dancer, sex commando, Liberty Valentine. Also making an appearance are, Pat Collins, as that annoying Brad, and Hank Pond, who gives a frightening performance as Governor Howard Quakin. Pond is one heck of an actor and also Harris’ dentist.
Delightful Water Universe is love, sex, debt, politics, and revolution, all served up in one psychotic stew.


If I still have any of the many, many Latter Day Saints faithful who found me through my post about the Gladys Knight Mormon choir and missionary concert I attended and sketched recently, and if any of you all live in Salt Lake City, then you should know about the film premiere on Nov. 1.

The rest of us will have to wait.
The photo, above, is a still of Stefene as Swankhumma, from the film.

P.S. Stefene also has a bit role as Aunt Sadness in my movie, Blind Cat Black, which we will release on DVD early next year, it looks like.

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Brett said...

That's why we will be missing her at Day of the Dead Beats.