Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Which candidate would you let calm your baby?

I'm usually the last person to seize upon the latest email chain that is going around, but the father in me really responds to this one. Kissing babies remains of quintessential importance in a candidate. As with so many other important endeavors, Barack Obama just has a better feel for this sort of thing than does John McCain (or, God help us, George W. Bush).

I love my daughter dearly, and I would trust her with the Obamas - or with the Bidens - but not with the McCains, and by no means with the Palins.

If your baby cried at 3 a.m., which candidate would you trust to calm her to sleep and help her believe the world would be worth waking up to in the morning?

I am voting for my big brother Obama and Uncle Biden.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you wouldn't trust the Palins with your child? I might not trust them with my pets, but I would trust them with my children. As far at the McCains, if Mother Teresa trusts them with a child I guess I would, too.

Thom said...

I am supremely confident that Obama is much, much less likely to eat a baby than McCain or Palin. Bombing Iran, drilling the earth, and shooting animals from helicopters don't sound very nurturing.