Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last-minute voter info from Barack Obama

This is the last-minute voter information the Obama Campaign wants you to know. The historic photo of Barack Obama before a crowd of 100,000 at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is by Bill Greenblatt and ran on the front page of The St. Louis American last week. If you are in St. Louis and are lucky enough to find a copy at Schnucks or Walgreens (our return rate is very low, about 2 percent), grab one tomorrow before this collectible is gone for good from the stands.


With Election Day fast approaching, we want to be sure that voters are receiving useful and accurate information as they prepare to cast their votes. This will be the most historic election in any of our lifetimes, and we need to ensure that everyone who is eligible to cast a vote is able to do so as efficiently as possible.

Get prepared to vote @ Truth.VoteForChange.com.

1. Make sure your voter registration is current, especially if you have moved or gotten married since the last time you voted.

2. Verify your polling site BEFORE November 4th, especially if you are a newly registered voter or have moved since the last time you voted.

3. All election laws are local. With that in mind, read the instructions on your ballot when you cast your vote. Do not rely on unofficial information someone else told you, no matter the source, or that you read on the internet about how you should mark your ballot.

4. Visit the website truth.voteforchange.com to get answers to many of these questions and rumors that are out there. On this webpage you can find your polling site, verify your registration information, apply for an absentee ballot and check out any rumors you may have heard.

5. Make this a family affair – take your immediate family, friends, neighbors and colleagues to the polls. Whether you are voting early where that option is offered or on Election Day, make it a celebration. This is an incredible moment in the history of our country, and we should take pride in it.

6. The Obama-Biden campaign is encouraging election officials nationwide to increase capacity for voting by adding more machines to reduce lines during early voting and on Election Day. Once you get in line, DON’T LEAVE. Every vote matters in this election, and that includes yours.

The votes of African Americans, Latinos, Youth and First-Time Voters can make the difference in this election.

In fact, the number of registered African-American voters alone who did not vote in 2000 and 2004 was enough to make the difference in each of those elections.

Don’t forget that right now 34 states are offering no-excuse early voting. People in those states can cast their votes TODAY.


Vote EARLY where you can or on November 4th!

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