Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lola Van Ella & students close for Tura Satana 2nite

I'm anything but a good MySpace "friend" - I'm mostly stuck in the late 20th century with ye olde electronic mail - but I do read Lola Van Ella's bulletins, if only because she is so freakishly beautiful and so willing to share her beauty with the eyeballs of the world.

The latest from Lola: a "little bloggy-blog" about a show tonight (Thursday) at The Way Out Club (South Jefferson at Gravois), starting at 8 p.m.

Lola bloggy-blogs:


The incomparable, spicy and totally wild Tura Satana, star of Russ Meyer's infamous cult classic, Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, will be showing her film. YAY!

She is also, as some of you may know, a former super hot burlesque performer who graced many of St. Louis' old and loved burlesque stages. Pretty fabulous!

So what could make it even more so?
A burlesque show, of course!
I, along with some of my super wonderful students, will be performing after Tura Satana's question-and-answer segment. It will be a TON of fun, and you should all come out.

xxx and oh!


Got to like that "xxx and oh" tagline. Super wonderful.

I have been hearing Bob Putnam of The Way Out Club (of the original Way Out Club, of the traveling open mic night, of 20th Century Books and Ephemera, of the Chrysler Plant, of the dyslexia and the sincerity ...) gruffly rave about this movies, and movies like it, for exactly half my life. That would be 20 years and change. Pretty fabulous!

But I don't have a social life on Thursday nights. I can't come out for the show. Nay on the yay.

But any excuse to import a picture of our own Lola Van Ella onto my little spot of the blog here and to remind people searching for her name (or her face or her derriere) that I did a little oral history with Lola a little while ago; you'll find a little more about the classes she mentions in her bloggy-blog there.

I'm all for seeing (and helping) Lola and the St. Louis burlesque renaissance bloom, even if I'm a no-longer-young-guy with a five-year-old kid who is watching it all pass me by in spicy and totally wild bulletins ...

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