Friday, October 3, 2008

Matinee at symphony truncated by cell phone call

Duty yanked me abruptly out of the symphony this morning, but it was sublime while it was lasted. Perhaps best of all, as a matinee, it did not feature a large number of drowsy, cranky older folks, like this gentleman who disturbed my opening night, a bit. The quotes are verbatim.

The Colin Currie program continues at Powell Symphony Hall Staurday night and Sunday night, with different featured pieces for Currie to shine on each night, as explained in a previous post.

I sketched Currie and SLSO staff percussionist John Stubbs this morning before das telefon klingelt and I had to rush away to take care of business. I'll post those sketches this weekend with another exhortation to go see this fabulous band in this grand room with this talented guest artist and the most inspired conductor (David Robertson) in show business.

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