Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pretty girls drinking beer

A local artist best known to me as hard kiss in c minor has invited me to pin some of my rude sketches to the wall at an art exhibit described to me as "more of a little party."

It's a group exhibition called "As Above, So Below" and it's going down (or up) this Friday October 24, from 7 - 10 p.m at 2101 Locust (NW corner of Locust and 21st, across from The Tap Room).

The artists showing are Kim Richardson, Mike Paradise, Chris Gustave, Jenni Desuza, Dana Smith, Carl Keck, Molly Davis, Amy VanDonsel, Travis Lawrence and Josh Norman. And then there is me, whose claim to artistry is I got depressed when my best friend's daughter got killed and started sketching every day again so I wouldn't have to talk when I left the house.

I wish I had even more drawings of my favorite subject, pretty girls drinking beer, because that's all I'd show and that's how I would title my little segment of the party. But these three pictures will have to do for now.

One girl is named Megan Powers and she makes opera costumes and other clothes for a living and has the most perfectly and intricately formed ears I have ever seen, or I have seen since I took up sketching again, as these are the details a sketch artist comes to appreciate.

The other two pretty girls were drinking beer one day at Square One Brewery, and though I did approach them for signatures, I didn't get their names in a format that I can decipher. Amd though I do draw likenesses, they tend not to be of the person I am looking at when I am drawing - I'm like Marc Chagall, in this one respect only. He would seize up in the middle of the street in Paris, stare at a bunch of kids playing ball in the street and draw yet another upside down chicken from Vitebsk.

Maybe that's the name of my part of the party, Yet Another Upside Down Chicken from Vitebsk.

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