Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beat the heat with Thom Fletcher

Insomniac on a family vacation, I am taking the time, finally, to look at my friends' user-generated content; I mean, stuff. I just stole a bunch of pictures, fair and square, from Thom Fletcher's Flickr site, Monstromo.

We know a lot of the same people and are making up some of the same stories as we go along (he is even taking pictures of me taking pictures), it just so happens that I am much more hopelessly wordy than Fletch; and I look forward to destroying the enigmatic elegance of his sly captions in ridiculously long blog posts that say just as much, except they are less funny and occupy more of your precious, dwindling time to read!

For now, in honor of the weather (weatherman has it at 99 F later today in St. Louis, 96 F here at Fort Bragg, and a mild 90 F in Asheville, where I am going to dig through Bascom Lamar Lunsford's old user-generated content; I mean, stuff), I leave you a hallucination Thom found one snowy night this winter on South Grand, where the men are women, the women are men, and the trannies had better find some shade today.

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