Thursday, August 21, 2008

County cops seek noncompliant sex offenders

Press release this morning from St. Louis County Police:

St. Louis County Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit
Seeking Six Non-Compliant Offenders


In March of 2007, St. Louis County Police Chief Jerry Lee requested the formation of the Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit (SORE). At that time, 126 of the 626 sex offenders who were registered in St. Louis County were deemed to be non-compliant. In 2008, the number of registered sex offenders residing in St. Louis County has fallen to 582, of which nine are considered non-compliant and we are currently trying to locate.

"The Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit has done an excellent job working with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in locating these offenders who threaten the safety of our citizens," stated Chief Jerry Lee. "The chances of these individuals re-offending is significantly lower if they are compliant with registration requirements, making it imperative that we locate them."

Six non-compliant offenders are still being sought by SORE (we are awaiting warrants on the remaining three offenders):

* Marvell Davis, black male, 32 years of age
* Larry Jones, white male, 38 years of age
* Robert Mims, black male, 29 years of age
* Troy Williams, black male, 43 years of age
* John Gundlach, white male, 28 years of age
* Jessie Talley, white male, 36 years of age

Photographs of all six non-compliant offenders are clickable as individual jpegs on the County Police website or you can get all as a batch on my Flickr site as long as I can stomach having them there.

Anyone with information concerning any of these offenders is asked to call St. Louis County Police Department Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit at 314-615-3761 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.
Also, bookmark the Missouri Sex Offender Registry.

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