Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mokwa and tow cronies on hook to IRS?

The Post-Dispatch has been such a toady to City Hall in recent years that it has lost a large number of readers, and almost all of the readers I know personally, who avoid the Post like a cliche. I myself read it only out of professional duty, as a journalist. Reading the Post, on most days, is by far the worst part of my job.

What a shame, then, that so many people will miss the Post's still-developing story package on the outrageous towing scandal perpetrated by Metropolitan Towing, S&H Towing, Parks Auto Sales, and the rest of the businesses in this rat nest, acting in league with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

The latest report by Joe Mahr and Jeremy Kohler is a doozy. Please, please, read it, and ask others to read it. It tells the story of a citizen (who happens to be black) who ruined her credit by paying (at times, late) on a vehicle that had been impounded by the City police, delivered to S&H Towing, and sold by its subsidiary Parks Auto Sales (for a song) to Police Chief Joe Mokwa's drug-addled daughter.

I am told that the U.S. Attorney's Office is on the sidelines in this investigation, as is the FBI. I understand that the IRS is running it. The IRS! The Taxman!

Bad news for Mokwa, Metropolitan Towing, and a whole lot of small players in on the take with them. Because the Taxman gets his. Just ask Snipes.

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