Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steve Green eats KDHX with delicious beer

My yard dog Steve Green and I are cohosting a table, or three tables, or perhaps an entire tavern of good time people at The Stable on Tuesday, September 9 as part of the Taste for Tunes fundraiser for KDHX Community Media. Dinner time: say, 7 p.m.?

Twenty percent of our bill goes to support independent media in St. Louis. That includes one of the best radion stations in the world that you can hear all over the St. Louis metropolitan area in your car, and all over the world over the internet.

For those who don't know Steve Green, he is the smartest beer curator in the St. Louis area. Every beer wonk I know who knows Steve asks Steve questions about beer, and then shuts up and listens to what Steve has to say, with eerie intensity. Steve knows beer.

We are likely to get special attention from chef Aaron Whalen. Aaron and Steve the beer wonk go way back. I came in there somewhere along the way. Aaron used to own Bastante, he did those amazing pizzetas at Errato, he did the menu at The Royale, and now he is lending his touch (which I like very much) to The Stable.

I called principal owner/guy you call/man with plan Jesse Jones to tell him we are coming to his public house en masse on September 9th. I had the idea to ask him for something special. Some special beer, maybe. Or a chef's tasting menu? Jesse's phone continued to ring, or whatever it is cell phones do. I kept thinking about The Stable. I started thinking, "They already have special beer. The chef already did a great, special menu. They just opened up. Why am I asking for something 'special'? Why don't we let them do what they do?"

Jesse finally answered the phone. I said, "Hi, it's Chris. Never mind. I'm going to fill up your bar on September 9 for the KDHX benefit. I wanted to ask you for something special. But you already are something special."

Join Stevo "beer curator to the gods" Green and me for this KDHX thing. Expect John Eiler a little late, acting like a birthday boy and determined to drink until midnight. Email me at brodog [@] [tricking the spambots here] [eat at Joe's] [vote for Obama] and say you will.


Tattoo pic from Stevo's MySpace page. But don't go there. You've been warned ...


Tony Renner said...

I know I could have just clicked on the link but couldn't you have given the address of the Stable in the body of your post?

Also, I know what KDHX is -- and you've got the hyperlinks -- but, again, how hard would it have been to add the frequency -- FM 88.l1 -- for the radio station in the body of your post? Giving the frequency is vital to getting new listeners.

If someone cuts and pastes your post to send it to a friend the links will be gone....

Confluence City said...

I feel like I'm being scolded for relishing in the hyperconnectivity that is the me-o-sphere, the whole "hyperlink is the new improved footnote" thing! Golly! Tony gave the numbers on the dial for KDHX, and The Stable is located at Lemp and Cherokee in South St. Louis.