Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's ice down climate change Al for a few months

The sages of the future, if there is a future, will no doubt look back upon the Democratic National Convention of 2008 and agree that Al Gore spoke the most plain sense.

All of that touchy stuff about getting right with climate change has to be right.

Like Al said, it has to be wrong to rack up Chinese debt to buy Saudi dead dinsaur extract that, when combusted, produced pollutants and uppers for the global temperature.

Like my beloved barman Paul Jensen said at the old bar the other day, "Fossil fuels have to be considered a dinosaur." I'm not sure whether the double entendre was intended. Paul seemed to have stumbled into it, as he has stumbled into many things, such as many taverns in Northern Europe.

But the sages of the future, if there is a future, won't have to win an election, at least not this election. Democrats do. They need to win this election. And I'm thinking keeping Al on ice - double entendre, there; ice caps disappearing, Al says - until Nov. 5 or so would be a good idea for Democrats.

Al's kind of plainly honest talk sounds apocalyptic. And apocalyptic talk discourages a desire for change. And the message of Obama is a message of change.

All overdue respect to Al Gore, if his speech tonight was the stump speech of the Democratic nominee, then the Grim Reaper, or Mike Huckabee, would win by a landslide as a write-in candidate.

Barack is on! Gotta go!

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