Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm on the path of creativity and joy

Since the next president of the U.S. will be number 44, and that's a magic number, I did some thinking about Obama and numerology and I got a little story out if it. My story had some good-natured fun with a numerologist posting on a Cincinatti Moms website. She found me! She offered to crunch my numbers. So I sent her my date of birth. MizGreenJeans wrote:


To do a full chart, I need your full name as it appears on your birth certificate. But from your DOB I can tell you:

Your Life Path is a 48/3. Three is the number of Creativity and Joy. Your life is/will be, in many ways, easy, as material things will come to you with little effort on your part. However, you find yourself dissatisfied with the simply material, and spend much of your time seeking a higher ideal. You are creative and possibly gifted, either musically or in some other aspect of the arts (do you sing? Paint?). Do not completely reject all things of the material world, but recognize that money and related things are just tools we can use to obtain the things our higher ideals drive us towards. Rise above the material world if you wish, but do not reject it out of hand.

The 48 behind your three tells me that you will fulfill your creative potential by using your innate sense of order to control and positively manipulate material things. Turn not away from the potential the material world offers you, but use it for your higher ideals.

That’s what I get. I have not read your blog (other than what I got when I Googled my username) or looked at your MySpace page, fwiw, so have no idea if this is spot on, or widely off. I just do the numbers and type what comes to me as I do them.
So, then I sent her my name as it appears on my birth certificate (everything but my SSN and the passcode to the garage door opener!). MizGreenJeans wrote:

Your Expression (shown by the all the numbers of the letters in your name) is the face you show the world. It is a Three (not a surprise), which is the number of Creativity and Joy. I am seeing rather strongly that you are a musician, or somehow very creative in your outside life. Paint, write (the fact that you blog bears that out more, but again, I haven’t read through it, on purpose so I wouldn’t taint the reading I’m doing now). But I get music most strongly. Do you perform? A critic perhaps? Dunno. But the Three energy is very strong in your chart, so if you don’t, you should! You tend to live life large, moderation is not your forte. It’s all or nothing, with people as well as everything else. Work on keeping your temper if it’s an issue, finding balance is key here.

Your Soul Urge, (shown by the vowels in your name), which is the thing you desire deep inside you, perhaps known only to you, is a 35/8. Eight is the number of Material Satisfaction, and in this position refers to the desire to use money wisely and for good. As I’ve said (and I get that you know already), money is just a tool, energy if you will, to do things with and accomplish things. You desire to use your material success in ways that will benefit not only yourself, but others as well.

This is underscored by your Mind Set (shown by the consonants in your name), which describes how your mind works, is a 72/9. Nine is the number of Charity, Good Works, and Endings. It is the last number of the epicycle, and as such is the highest (except for the Master Numbers.) It is a somewhat more challenging number to deal with, but if you remain balanced and don’t dodge the demands it places on you, can also be rewarding. Nine people are often priests, health care providers, those who work in/run non-profits and so on.

Your Birth Date (the actual day on which you were born) is a 15/6. Six is the number of Family and Responsibility. When it’s in the Birth Date, it often refers back to the family one grew up in, rather than that which one has as an adult. It usually signifies a stable childhood, with loving parents.

The other thing I look at are the Aspects, which is the number of times a given number appears in your name. Here’s what stands out in yours:

You have 5 Ones. One is the number of Attainment and Achievement. With this number of Ones I generally see people who are very interested in succeeding in life, especially in their career. You’re somewhat driven, but in a (normally) good way.

You also have 5 Nines. Again that Nine energy enters your life. It reinforces everything I said about the Mind Set. If you’re not working for a non-profit or similar job now, think about doing so, you’ll find your life much more satisfying.

And lastly, you have no Fours in your chart, which means you have a Karmic Lesson going on there. Four is the number of Order and Service, but in this case my sense is that it’s the Order part that relates to you. Are you a bit of a slob? Socks all over the floor, laundry spilling out of the hamper (if it’s in there at all?) Your desk looks like a hurricane, your workplace jammed with stuff. Think about clearing out some things, putting them into order, it will sooth your creative soul if you do, but isn’t a major hindrance (unless it ticks your wife off too much if you don’t).

So, that’s what I get. Let me know how it fits.


It fits! But since people tell me that people don't read anymore, or don't read more than four words at a time, I'll have to tell you later how and why it fits and where it doesn't. Thanks, MizGreenJeans! (Art by Leyla.)