Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A list dressed up to look like a librarian

The great William Howard Gass always insists on the intrinsic literary character of lists. The academic jargon term for this is "a catalogue," but that's just a list, dressed up like a librarian.

I am going with Bill Gass and publishing a list here.

This is the list of pictures from the Bascom Lamar Lunsford archive I am requesting from the archivist. The numbers refer to the page on the enormous, mongo-tombstone-sized scrapbook in which these pictures have been pasted.

I think this does much to suggest the life of this complicated and important man.

23. Head shot
25. "Self" with car
31. On my farm
32. BL Lunsford
41. Complimentary, Cherokee Indian Fair
43. At a Dodge's field, standing in suit
43. At Greasy Cove, banjo on knee
53. This was the old way of bee culture
54. Bascom, with still
58. My friend (Cherokee)
58. My friend (Negro drummer)
68. With Lovingood Sisters
70. Color photo with banjo
75. At Mountain square dance
77. Letter from Charles Seeger
83. Taken in Britton's Cove (evaporating pan)
86. Letter from Library of Congress (and sticker)
88. J.W. Whitehead. He worked on our farm for 24 years. A good man.
102. This is the whistle pig, or ground hog
104. Cherokee Beauty (1934)
118. A wanderer at Cherokee Indian Fair
119. Standing with tour bus and banjo case
153. Field recording Indian drummer
166. Master of Ceremonies, beating the tomtom
199. Signed letter from Eleanor Roosevelt
213. With fishing pole
229. Album Recording, Eagle Records, mic placements
232. Painting of house, by Belle
239. Pencil portrait of self by Gerry Watson, daughter of Sir Wm Watson
257. Washington Sunday Star clip, Sunday, March 27, 1949
272. Bear hunting snapshot
283. Listening to Mountain banjo player
300. Dance platform, 3rd from bottom on left, numbered I 5n
301. Ball team nine, far right, 2nd from top
305. With South Turkey Creek sign
364. Deer hunting snapshot

Someday, Lord willing and if the creek don't rise, all of these images will be reproduced in a boxed set dedicated to Bascom's Memory Collection of Mountain folklore.
Photo is mine, from Bascom's personal library, as archived at Mars Hill College.

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