Sunday, August 10, 2008

Country roads won't take me home today

I am leaving North Carolina with regret this morning, having crossed wide swaths of the state on various road trips since parachuting in with my little family to spend a week with some extended family.

I never got out of the car to snap a distinctive roadside scene, so I am forced to poach this vintage image of a country road from a Center for Documentary Studies piece about Thelonious Monk's Southern roots. But I did compile a list of compelling road and place names:

* Black Ankle Road
* Mount Swai Baptist Club
* Gun Club Road
* Loblolly Loop
* Oddfellows Lane
* Ether Steeds
* Uwharrie National Forrest
* And, finally, my two favorite names for roads that lead into a trailer court: Dunebuggy and Retirement.

I wish one of these country roads could take me home, closer to here, but alas, an airplane will be required for that journey.

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