Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Radio free flashback

On a day when I am waiting to hear back from Mitch Easter's assistant regarding a chance to meet with him Friday evening up in Winston-Salem, I was surprised to find a video of REM's "national television" debute - a performance of "Radio Free Europe" - live on the Letterman show, ca. 1983.

At the time, REM was touring on the strength of their first LP, Murmur, which Mitch Easter produced with Don Dixon at Mitch's studio in Winston-Salem. Back then, his studio was the Drive-In; now it's the Fidelitorium. I hope to peep either or both on Friday.

So many thoughts about this REM video, this relic of the early '80s.

The value of having hair to hide behind. The importance of having rock moves when you lack real chops. How much I still like this stuff.

Not sure I'll get up there or get face time with Mitch if I do, but his assistant noted that I picked a good time to call his studio blind. His Let's Active cover band Gravel Truck is opening for Pylon Friday night as part of a film festival organized by Mitch's wife.


Vintage of photo of Mitch back in the day (producing Game Theory) from a cool site devoted to the music scene in Davis, California during the '80s.

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