Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama by the numbers

At yesterday's opening session of the Teamsters National Black Caucus conference in St. Louis, one of the speakers said we are going to elect Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States.


I'm well aware that George Herbert Walker Bush was #41 and George W. Bush is #43 (and that son and father often refer to one another by number, rather than by name), but it had not yet struck me that the next president would be #44.

That's a flat-out magic number, in my book. I observe American Indian spiritual patterns (that's a long story), and in our faith the number 4 is a big deal.

4 seasons, 4 points to the compass, everything by 4: 4 rounds in the sweat lodge, two cycles of 4 days in the Sun Dance (4 days for the dancers to fast and prepare, and 4 days for them to fast and dance).

4 and 4. 44.

I suddenly wondered what the number people think about that number. So I asked The Oracle.

Some numerologist who seems to have quit posting on April 12, 2008 (the day his number was called?) said:

"44 is a powerful number. Know why? Because the 4 vibrates with paying attention to detail and building a solid foundation for the future. In 44, that effect is doubled. Plus, the two numbers (4 and 4), adding up to 8, have an umbrella vibration of effective management, controlling group dynamics, building large structures (buildings, bridges, organizations), and financial control."

Can we hear that again, Doc?

"... an umbrella vibration of effective management, controlling group dynamics, building large structures (buildings, bridges, organizations), and financial control."

Yeah, that guy - that's the president I want in #44. An umbrella vibration of all that essential - indeed, presidential - stuff.

But who will get us there? The contest is down to 2, last time I checked: John McCain or Barack Obama.

The moms in Cincinatti who do the numbers are calling it for Obama.

One Cincy Mom, posting as MizGreenJeans, aknowledged to her posting peers that "this is going to be pretty woo-woo," but admitted that doing the number charts on all the candidates had influenced her to vote for Obama over Hillary Clinton in the Ohio primary.

Clinton, of course, killed Obama in Ohio, 54 percent to 44 percent.

Those numbers do make MizGreenJeans look like she was sniffing Woo Woo Glue, but maybe she was just ahead of the curve. Without a doubt, Ohio moms form a demographic that makes presidential campaign wonks swoon. Whatever it takes to win the vote of folks like MizGreenJeans - numerology, kissing redheaded stepchildren, yoyo tricks - both Obama and McCain will stand in line to do it.

If the line leads to MizGreenJean's door, however, McCain can forget it.

Having done the math, she posts, "I am uncomfortable with McCain’s two 11s. I live with a 38/11, I know how they think. There’s a tonne of nervous energy, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with that in the White House."

Photo is my snap of one of the Obama signs on front street at The Royale.


King_Torch said...

I came upon the importance of numbers and the cosmic relations to them somewhat late in my life. About 8 years ago during a rather difficult time, I had just been handed new license plates for my new van (which I still have today) that started with: 444. I never gave it a second thought, my first stop after securing my plates was to the grocery store, stepped out of the van and a woman who I had never seen before came running up to me and said: 'your plates annouce that you are surrounded by angels'! Whoah....never had that experience at Dierbergs before or since.....

Confluence City said...

And I was thinking after I posted up this item of the great black runningbacks who wore the jersey number 44. Floyd Little, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis. That bodes well for the next president. And how about Henry Aaron?

MizGreenJeans said...

Hey Confluence, if you want, I'll happily do your numbers for you too, although it does beg the question of why you're reading a mom's website in a city far far away.

Confluence City said...

I'm emailing you now, MizGreenJeans, and will explain it all to the people later.