Monday, August 25, 2008

Toyy getting fit for MTV coattails I hope to ride

I returned a call to my buddy Toyy today, and she told me a producer from MTV had recruited her for a casting call they are doing tomorrow in St. Louis at Blueberry Hill. I got a little story out of it for the St. Louis American website this afternoon.

It was a bit too self-serving to put this on the newspaper website, but I can tell you (Dear Blog Diary) what I told Toyy, and that was: Talk up the movie! Toyy made her name in St. Louis as an emcee, but she has many talents - she is one of the best singers on the St. Louis scene, and I figured she could act, which was why I asked her to star in my movie Blind Cat Black.

You can see some of her scenes on the Blind Cat Black MySpace page, but since it's a silent movie (or a 58-minute-long music video, in that it's edited to the poetry score I made to a Turkish poem), if you want to hear Toyy's marvelous voice you'll have to go hang out on Toyy's MySpace page.

You'll notice that her songs have about 5,000 more plays than my movie clips, which must mean Toyy is a hell of a lot better at making music than I am at making movies. But, hey, if MTV and Diddy pick her up for their new reality TV show, I'll take a ride on her fabulous coattails! I think they will need to do an episode where Toyy shows the other contestants the freaky zombie movie she made!


Photo by Mathew Pitzer, from a zombie bar scene we shot at CBGB. Claire Nowack-Boyd is the woman in the pink hair with the shocked look, the great Ray Brewer (as King of the Zombies) is the man Toyy is looking down at, and the brim of the hat to the left is on the head of Michael S. Allen, the urban landmarks activist and citizen journalist, who played the zombie bartender. This hat mysteriously disappeared after we shot this scene and then mysteriously reappeared months later in my basement, which I had ransacked looking for it when we needed it to shoot some pickup shots. SPOOKY.