Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thereby hangs an editorial cartoon

Tomorrow's editorial cartoons today, here on Confluence City!

Our cartoonist Kevin Belford was asked to illustrate the amazing story of Deborah Bailey, as skillfully narrated over the weekend by Joe Mahr and Jeremy Kohler of The Post-Dispatch.

I wouldn't have dreamt of bringing Johnny Depp into this thing, but that's why editors recruit cartoonists. The only thing I did was fix the speech bubble. Belford had the Depp-pirate being "hung" rather than "hanged," which imported all sorts of irrelevant imagery.

We also will revisit Bailey's story and its ramifications in the Political EYE in tomorrow's St. Louis American, which will print Belford's new cartoon on A4.

However, we are happy to let the Post lead on this one. They pay an entire building of journalists downtown, whereas we have a few folks and fumes in our little newsroom. As we often say in the pages of the American, if the Post did its job on Mayor Francis G. Slay as consistently as it has done its job on Governor Matt Blunt, St. Louis might actually move forward, rather than in circles.

Something tells me we'll be moving forward next year, with or without the Post. Hopefully, with.

In the meantime, a lawyer who has been trolling for cases on the edges of the towing/City police scandal tells me there are "literally thousands" of stories like Deborah Bailey's waiting to come to light! Zounds!

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