Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost as lonely tonight as Mayor Slay

There can only be one thing more lonely than posting stories about yourself and your friends into the void, and that would be posting links to your other blog into the void.

But blogs tend to multiply, like alibis, or like Mayor Francis G. Slay's strategies for conniving his way out of breaking promises to City unions in exchange for their support for a regressive sales tax increase.

There is now a Poetry Scores blog. It's hopping. Here is how:

* Bidding war on a few items listed for the 2008 Experiential Auction going down this Sunday
* Winner of case of customized homebrew from 2006 Experiential Auction tells all

* Bunches of artists are making art to K. Curtis Lyle's epic 9/11 poem

* More smart black folks seeing art movies thanks to Experiential Auction 2007

* The next poem we are scoring, broken down into the lyrics of the songs in the score

* Dude who wrote that there poem also wrote a poem on a baseball for me

Damn, that was lonely.

Until I blog you again, please don't believe anything the mass media tell you about the City unions or Director of Personnel Richard Frank. Lots of unsanitary, overloaded condition going around about that today and tonight.

The truth is simple: Unions beat mayor, so mayor impersonates unions. We'll drop that on stlamerican.com tomorrow and print it up for the people on Thursday.

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