Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free "Register to Vote by Oct. 8" cartoon

We're having a deadline day at The St. Louis American that is not cooperating with my new blogging hobby, which is a shame, because I have a hundred things to say about Taste for Tunes last night at The Stable.

For now, I'll just share Kevin Belford's political cartoon for tomorrow's newspaper, which we decided upon barside at The Stable last night over Bear Republic ale (it's part of a continuing voter education series I'd previously worked out with the publisher).

If you double-click on the cartoon, it gets bigger. You can the save it down and paste it up wherever you please. Assuming, of course, you also want people to register to vote and vote in this election!

More, later, about KDHX, The Stable, Mindy Mazur vs. Ed Martin, drinking Left-Handed Milk Stout Left Handed, and throwing your dad into the rose bush.

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