Thursday, September 18, 2008

Soccer cops, not necessarily moms, y'all

As the editor of the only news organ in St. Louis that does police brutality stories on a regular basis (only when they need to be done - which is on a regular basis), I am patting myself on the back and telling myself I have earned the right to report the good news about the men in blue.

Or, the girls in blue. I know they are women. I very much prefer the word "girls".

The St. Louis Area Women's Police Soccer Team recently participated in the North American Police Soccer Tournament in lovely Seattle, Washington. Our girls won the Women's Recreational Division, competing with other teams from the United State sand Canada.

Our girl the goalkeeper, Angie Hawkins (St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department), won the Most Valuable Goalkeeper Award for the Recreational Division.

We also got an MVP over here, best in divisioon (with a bullet) - Lisa Schweppe, St. Charles City Police Department.

The St. Louis Area Women's Police Soccer Team formed in 2007 to compete in the North American Police Soccer Tournament which was held in St. Louis that year. We placed second in the Recreational Division last year. Our team consists of policewomen from St. Louis City P.D., St. Louis County P.D., St. Charles City P.D., Edmundson P.D., Manchester P.D., Ladue P.D. and Webster Groves P.D.

Roll call:

Front row, from left to right: Shelli Greenblatt, St. Louis County P.D.; Elizabeth Berardi, St. Louis County P.D.; Leslie Robertson, St. Louis County P.D.; Michelle Price, St. Louis County P.D.; Goalkeeper Angie Hawkins, St. Louis City P.D.; TracyPanus, St. Louis County P.D.; Dianne Ermeling, St. Charles City P.D.; Lisa Schweppe, St. Charles City P.D.; Back row, from left to right: Coach Jeff Roediger, St. Louis County P.D.; Julia Loesch, Ladue P.D.; Carrie Gentile, Webster Groves P.D.; Holly Tally, Edmundson P.D.; EmilyMancuso, St. Louis County P.D.; Colleen Moran, St. Louis County P.D.; Toni Mullins, St. Louis County P.D.; Heather Frankenreiter, St. LouisCounty P.D.; Joni Jensen, St. Louis County P.D.; Meredith Lebbing, Manchester P.D.; and Coach Joe Marcinkiewicz, St. Louis County P.D.

Do I wish there was a black girl on the team? I do. Am I proud of our soccer cops? I am. And just remember - if you get pulled over for that lane violation, and Officer Friendly is a woman, break the ice with a little chatter that impressive soccer team. Maybe you'll get off with a warning and an autograph.
Today's St. Louis American, 1A above the fold, has a brutality story. We're free at Schnuck's. Shop & Save, Walgreen's and black ladies' hair salons. This post is dedictaed to all the honest cops, especially the women, especially the soccer cops.

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