Monday, September 8, 2008

No, Sarah Palin is not your spunky aunt

Most days I'll leave it to just about everybody else to traffic in opinion about Sarah Palin, but when the opinion comes from an indie DJ in New Jersey who programs for one of the last stations on Earth that still sometimes plays my erstwhile rock band, then there is a little identifiable confluence action going on.

Her radio name (and, for all I know, name name) is Bronwyn and her radio show is called "Bronwyn Knows Best," but I am listening to her show online for the first time only now, to set up my link to her post on the ever-entertaining WFMU blog.

Bronwyn's point is that Sarah Palin reminds her of one of her aunts, and that she fears many other (white) Americans will be reminded of one of her aunts by Sarah Palin, and they will mistake the current presidential election for a Reality TV show, and ... I can't steal her punch line. Just read her blog.


Sarah Palin action figure from, also brought to my attention from that there WFMU blog.

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Eric said...

Ah, good old WFMU...