Monday, September 1, 2008

I would ask the government to help the people

My little bitty skinny kid asked me, today, who I would vote for to be the next president.

The grownups in her circle had been talking all day about presidential politics. It must have rubbed off on her.

I said I would vote for Obama, pronouncing the man's name as she does (rhymes with "Alabama"). But I said I would vote for her if she were on the ballot.

She said she is too young to be president.

I said, "Okay. But, if you were elected president, what is the first thing you would do?"

She said, "I would see how the world was going, and I would look for the people who needed help, and I would ask the government to help them."

I am all for economic development, and helping the U.S. and American cities compete for investment and jobs, but I'm not sure there is a better first principle for a presidential platform.


Photo is of the little bitty skinny kid, by Daddy.

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