Monday, September 8, 2008

A year of horse feed for your oldest horse!

King Richard III famously offered the kingdom he ruled for a horse, when his horse was killed out from under him on the field of battle.

The Missouri Equine Council, Inc. is not willing to raise the stakes quite that high. The council is offering a year of horse feed for your horse - for your oldest horse.

"To enter Missouri’s Oldest Horse Contest," says the press release, "please send us a picture of your horse, a one-paragraph description including your horse's name, age, location, breed, retired or still working, what their job is, and what makes them special. Age must be verifiable by registration or veterinary records to be eligible. In case of a tie, a winner will be drawn randomly. Winner will be contacted and announced in the newsletter Horse Sense. Finalist will all be featured in the newsletter!"

There is (always) a catch. We got ourselves a little membership drive going on here: "Must be a member or become a member of the Missouri Equine Council, Inc. to enter."

If you are or want to be a member of this horse council, and you have a really old horse, and a year's worth of MFA Easykeeper Golden Years Horse Feed is an incentive for ya, then by all means enter at or send your entry to Missouri Equine Council Attn: Missouri’s Oldest Horse Contest PO Box 263 Tipton Mo 65081. Or email the horse people at


Image of skull of reportedly world's most aged horse from some bloke in Manchester, UK.

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