Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Revising and expanding the Canon

A professional photojournalist/videographer I know who is thinking of going independent sent me the following note that seems worth looking into - the videoblogosphere is clicking away on this development.


Canon posted Vincent Laforet's pre-production 5D Mark II video shoot. For those of us who will be buying our own digital equipment in the next year, check this out. The price of one of these camera bodies is around $2,000. These camera shoot still images as well as video; the resolution at 3200 ISO is nearly flawless.

The mount they use with the camera is so small, and I think that this technology is really going to change how we take pictures as professionals for years to come. The chatter is that it's going to be so difficult to get your hands on one of these.

The video itsself is a bit hokey but, make sure to go to the blog site to see the behind-the-scenes stuff. It is going to be crazy. Check it out.
Okay, I will!

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