Monday, September 29, 2008

Move over, Andy Warhol, she asked me to show

Someone best known to me by the inviting MySpace handle hard kiss in c minor has invited me to pin some of my sketches to the wall at an art exhibit described to me as "more of a little party," to be curated in a space conveniently located across the street from The Tap Room, a place I know how to find.

She asked, specifically, for "Young man listening to my neighbor present on atheism at adult Sunday school" (posted above) and "the last page of similar drawings here on MySpace," which I'd posted up there simply to satisfy blogger logistics, since my scanner at home dumps to a computer that is a dog, so I archive my scans on Space of My.

The date: Friday. October 24. The place where I'll be stick-pinning my art up: a loft across from the Tap Room on locust. Title for the show: she doesn't know yet. My fellow, a'hem, artists? Mike Paradise, Chris Gustave, Jenni Desuza, Dana Smith and "a printmaker in Connecticut" (we'll get his name back to him, later. The vibe: "it's less formal and more of a little party."

"Whaddyathink?" she asked.

I think no one has asked me to hang up my (a'hem) art in public since I graduated from Maryville Elementary School

I think I'm in.


Tony Renner said...

color me jealous...

hey, i look at some of chris gustave's work every week when i put in my studio time at the luminary...

-- tony

Tony Renner said...

hey, jenni desuza runs the "blank canvas" program at the luminary that i'm gearing up the gumption to volunteer to teach kids at....

i got off on the wrong foot with jenni by publicly criticizing the name -- burn the mute -- of one of the bands she had playing at a benefit for the program.

-- tony