Sunday, September 7, 2008

Portraits of Leyla

My daughter is spending the weekend with friends. We don't spend much time apart, and I am missing her.

I have tried to put my loneliness to work by scanning and posting portraits of her drawn and colored by her new kindergarten classmates. Her new teacher had the fabulous idea of having all of the kids draw portraits of all of the other kids, then letting each kid keep a collection of all of the portraits drawn of them. These are some of my favorite portraits of Leyla.

I notice some kids colored her skin brown, and others left her skin the color of the paper (white). At a glance, it looks like the kids whose skin is also brown were more likely to leave her skin the color of the paper. I'm trying not to draw any conclusions from this, at this point. I'm just trying to enjoy the marvelous imagination, the unpredictable sense of gesture and scale, unique to children.

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Tony Renner said...

these are excellent, indeed...!

-- tony