Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missouri Republicans for Obama ! Yeah!

Stealing the other guy's thunder is one of the oldest and most basic campaign tactics.

Ever hear the sound? Listen closely tomorrow in Missouri. That sound you hear will be the sound of thunder being stolen.

As Republicans do their thing in Minneapolis, in Missouri a bunch of Republicans will be standing up around the state to explain why they jumped off the elephant's ship.

Today the Obama campaign in Missouri dropped a press release on the Missouri Republicans for Obama Leadership Committee, who spoke to reporters on a call with Republican Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa.

(Our tiny staff at the St. Louis American was too busy putting to bed tomorrow's paper.)

These are the folks who agree with Hillary Clinton that "eight is enough":

* Robert Fulton of Patton, a long-time Republican who worked in the Nixon and Ford administrations.
* Matthew Ousley of Jefferson City, a Republican since the age of 18. Ousley, a store manager, says he has Republican values but became disaffected after losing a friend in Iraq the day before Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech. Ousley has never before volunteered for a political campaign.
* Elmer Thorn of Carthage, a lifelong Republican working in sales who served as a Republican delegate from southwestern Missouri, and worked on a Republican gubernatorial race in the 1970's.
* Donna Sherwood of Wentzville, a retired mother and a grandmother who recently resigned from the Republican Committee of St. Charles County. Sherwood voted for Reagan and both Bushes and also served two years on the Republican Women Committee. Sherwood spent her career at the Human Resources Department of the Army.
* Marc Blanchard, a pastor from St. Louis, a lifelong Republican who voted and volunteered for George W. Bush.
* Joe Passanise of St. Louis, who ran for St. Louis County Executive as a Republican and supported Bond, Reagan and Bush. Passanise is deeply concerned about the mounting national deficit and the Iraq war.
* John Levis, a Frontenac alderman who worked under Dick Cheney in the Ford White House and later for George H.W. Bush.
* Donna Williams of Kansas City who worked on Kit Bond's gubernatorial campaign and both volunteered and donated to George W. Bush. Williams served as the Executive Director of the National Rural Health Association.
* John Sellars of Springfield, a lifetime Republican. He currently works as the Director of the History Museum of Springfield.
State Auditor Susan Montee will be the token Democrat standing up with these more-than-welcome turncoats in Jefferson City!

If any of them are inauthentic Republicans, I expect to hear from Missouri elephants to that effect.


Image is Kevin Belford's editorial cartoon that will appear in tomorrow's edition of the American.

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