Sunday, September 21, 2008

Escape voice mail hell: Get Human

This is a public service announcement from Confluence City.

A forward-thinking friend of mine recently gave me a copy of the book Authenticity by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, which (for what it's worth) Time Magazine has credited as providing one of the 10 ideas that are changing the world.

So far, it has one tip that definitely will change my world: the website Get Human.

Founded by Paul English in 2004, Get Human has a simple and noble goal: that of providing a public clearinghouse of strategies to bypass automated voice message systems to get to a human being who will answer your questions.

In the spirit of Get Human, I will offer one-click access to the page we will all be looking for when we go to their site: the complete list of tips for all companies currently covered by the site. It also has the numbers to call for each of these companies.

Tell a friend to tell a friend to ...

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