Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing up mayor's sideshow over unions main event

Two aldermen who tend to side with Mayor Francis G. Slay (Gregali and Conway) are calling for the ouster of Director of Personnel Richard Frank.

This side show is being treated by the Post-Dispatch as the main event.

The main event is that the majority of aldermen on the relevant committee sided with the unions over the mayor on the disputed pay plan. The Post didn't cover that committee meeting or the unions' sense of getting strong support from a number of aldermen (Kennedy, Troupe, Triplett, Flowers).

If you want to understand what is going on at City Hall right now, you need to read this week's Political EYE column.

We miss things, get things wrong and get played, just like everybody else. This week, however, we got the real story. I hope anyone who cares about the leadership of the City takes the time to read the column. Everyone who works for the City is reading it, I know that!

It's important in general to get the hang of how Slay and Jeff Rainford play the blame game. If only they spent as much time at attracting and keeping businsses in the City as they do smearing their mistakes and broken plays on somebody else, we'd have a City we could all be proud of.


Pic from Sideshow World.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

you crack me up dude!! i'm surprised that you didn't blame the bad weather last weekend on the mayor since you blame everything else on him!!

you know what's really going to be funny? after this next mayoral election when rainford and callow kick your ass, the relevance of your blog and the st. louis american will be next to nothing

oh, i forgot, you're a "niche" paper

Confluence City said...

Nothing in your mean-spirited remark relates to the substance of this post. If you have something to say about Slay and Rainford's handling of their union problem, I'll respond to that.