Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware those in unsanitary, overloaded condition!

This morning I met state Rep. Jamilah Nasheed for a brisk walk in Forest Park and to catch up about politics and life.

I was a little early for our rendezvous and had a minor piece of nature's business to transact. There was a Johnny on the Spot placed in the park, about where they produce the Shakespeare festival, for the convenience of a work crew.

I asked a man inside a portable workstation, peering at a blueprint on his hands and knees, if I could take a leak in his pot. He said sure. I did so.

A compulsive reader, I found myself reading a notice posted inside the facility by the vendor as nature took its course. The sticker notified the client that this Johnny on the Spot is scheduled for service (to be emptied and cleaned) under the assumption that 10 individuals will be using it within a 40-hour work week.

It warned that use of the facility by more than 10 workers (or by 10 workers working more than 40 hours a week) will result in "an unsanitary overloaded condition."

"An unsanitary overloaded condition."

Now I know what to say the next time I think somebody is full of shit!


Pic of a portapotty after a hurricane from somebody's site in Halifax.

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